Limited Edition Holiday Scented Scrubs

Limited Edition Holiday Scented Scrubs

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Holiday Limited Edition Foaming Scrub is a soap based body scrub that helps cleanse, exfoliate,  and moisturize the skin. This scrub has the perfect texture that isn’t to soft or rough.

After purchasing please text 443-714-9251 to pick which flavor  . If you want BOTH scrubs add TWO scrubs into your cart instead of one ❄️

  • Scent: Candy Cane or Vanilla Bean


  • Improves firm skin
  • Exfoliates and remove impurities
  • Gentle cleansing
  • Nourish, hydrate and moisturize
  • Rejuvenates skin
  • Removes dead skin cell
  • enriched with shea butter
  • rich whipped texture for a buttery consistency
  • Restores skin’s natural glow 

How to use: Scrub product in a circular motion into wet skin and rinse off. Use 2-3 times a week. Avoid letting too much water enter jar.


Size 8oz


Shelf life: 3-6 months


Ingredients:  Pure Cane Sugar, Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Mica Powder, Fragrance


Products contain Sweet Almond Oil & Coconut Oil. Do not use if you have a nut allergy.